Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Commonly Asked Questions

After I completed the application and gave a deposit to hold the property, I found a better place. Can I get my money back?
It depends, but probably not. The purpose of the money given was to hold the property on your behalf. In essence, you have asked us to take it off the market. Furthermore, by providing compensation you may have entered into what could be considered an oral lease. The monies provided to hold property will be forfeited to the landlord.

The landlord made a promise to do a few things to the property before we moved in but I don’t have it in writing or in the lease. Can I withhold rent until those things are done?
No. All requests should be made in writing. I encourage tenants to document everything. If there is a stipulation that both parties agree upon it should be added to the lease and initialed by both parties.

Is the owner required to re-paint before every tenant moves in?
This is a myth. The owner is not required to repaint before every tenant. However, we at Ultimate Property Management pride ourselves on having the cleanest, best rental homes available.

Is it legal for the owner to charge me more because I have a pet?
Yes. In fact the landlord can even dictate what kind of pets are allowed based on breed, size, or type. We typically charge a $250 non-refundable pet fee for our pet-friendly properties.

Are owners/landlords or their representatives allowed to come into the property while I am renting it?
Yes. There are a variety of reasons why an owner may need to access the property. Sometimes it is to make sure the tenant is adhering to the terms and conditions of the lease, to make repairs or to place a for rent or for sale sign on the property. We ask the owners to provide 24 hours notice and require a reasonable time to enter the property. No owner or representative shall enter the property without prior notice to the tenant, nor can a tenant deny entry to the property provided a reasonable notice has been requested.

Can the landlord raise the rent during the term of my lease?
No. The rent stated in the lease shall remain a fixed amount until termination of the lease at the end of the term. If you wish to renew the lease the amount could go up or down. In the event of a month-to-month agreement the rent will automatically increase $100.

My plans have changed and I need to terminate my lease early. My friend told me I could do it with 30 days notice.
Your friend is wrong. Every lease has a definitive termination date. As a result you are responsible for the entire term of the lease regardless of your reason for needing to move. We do make allowances for the military but that is about it. Sub-leases are strictly prohibited. In the event you do leave early and we are unable to re-rent the property the landlord has the right to sue for unpaid rent for the remaining balance of the term.

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